New Delhi (Press Release, 13 October 2022): After a split verdict by two judges of the Supreme Court over the ongoing issue of hijab, Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad, national vice president of Social Democratic Party of India called it “a landmark turn in the annals of justice” and came heavily on the fascist elements trying to divide society by misleading people about fundamental rights and influencing public opinion through unnecessary hype and media sensation.

The Hon’ble judge has provided a phillip to the fresh opening to the points relating to the ignored vista of the arguments seeking to permit the fundamental right of the personal liberty of the dress, conducive to the norms of our Constitution. Adv. Sharfuddin said that the fresh hearing on the hijab issue contains and shall carry wider connotations regarding the fundamental rights, so it must be dealt with utmost care and perseverance, adding that hijab is a matter of fundamental and must be allowed to women to practice it. It falls within the ambit of fundamental rights to choose to wear whatever a person decides.

The SDPI leader commended Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia’s take on the issue that hijab is “ultimately a matter of choice, nothing more, nothing else,” adding that it is an occasion to inspire ourselves that we in unison, always believe and uphold the Constitutional framework. Wearing hijab neither creates disorder nor does it hamper progress. He concluded that banning it would certainly amount to deliberately stopping some women from acquiring education.