News reports of the union government’s plan to scrap the minority affairs ministry is of high concern, especially in the current India where the minorities, especially the Muslims are facing stark discrimination and atrocities from the extreme right-wing Hindutva forces, stated MK Faizy, National President, Social Democratic Party of India. Unfortunately, the regime at the centre is controlled by this Hindutva fascists. The silence of the anti-fascist political parties is the most alarming part, said Faizy.

The government version of this move is that the ministry was formed in 2006 by the UPA government as part of its ‘appeasement’ strategy. The actual reason, as everybody knows, is not this, but, as the biggest minority community, Muslims are the main beneficiaries of having such a ministry to take care of their rights and address their grievances.

India, since the ascension of the Hindutva fascists to power at the centre eight years ago, has been travelling in the wrong track of the politics of hatred. Ever since, the regime has been in the process of denying the rights of the minorities which have been enshrined in the Constitution. Budget allocation to many a minority welfare schemes are cut short in steps. Rights of the minorities, especially Muslims, are being perniciously wiped out by the regime.

The present move is not unexpected from a government that is being led by an ideology that calls for the elimination of other religions than Hinduism from the country. The regime is gradually stripping of the rights of the minorities. Though the present victims are Muslims; Christians and Communists are the second and third groups in the list of elimination.

Removing the fascists from the power to rule the country using democratic means is the only solution to the present debacles posed by them. Faizy urged that all the secular, democratic parties should comprehend this and come forward to unite the defeat fascism.