One Nation, One Language is RSS AgendaMove to impose Hindi as the national language is part of the RSS agenda of one nation, one language. Ever since the extreme right-wing Hindutva fascists assumed power in the country, they have been zealously engaged in undermining the democratic country of India and replacing it with the Manuvadi Hindutva Rashtra. Golwalkar is the ideologue of the ruling party. Golwalkar defines his dream nation as a compound of five “Unities”: 1) Country 2) Race 3) Religion 4) Culture and 5) Language. He terms these “unities” as the necessary and indispensable ingredients of the nation.So, one need not be a political pundit to discern what the latest statement of the union home minister is aiming at. The home minister is on to impose Hindi as the national language. It is not because he is unaware of the absurdity of imposing a single language on a population that speaks umpteen varieties of languages, but he is just exercising his part of the duty of implementing his ideological leader’s vision of one nation, one language. The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) would like to remind the home minister and his government that India is not a monolithic country. It has been a land of diversities; culturally, linguistically, religiously, socially and racially, from time immemorial. The beauty of the country has been the unity in these diversities. Barring the planned riots initiated by the party of the home minister, the people in the country have been living together as brethren cutting across their diversities in faith, language race or culture until his party started ruling the country. SDPI believes that the present move of proposing Hindi as the national language will destroy the diversity in the country, and so the party shall resist tooth and nail the attempt to impose Hindi on the people of India. India is a country of Unity in Diversity and this exemplary characteristic of the country needs to be upheld and protected. BM KambleNational Vice PresidentSocial Democratic Party of India