New Delhi, 8th May 2022: Abdul Majeed Faizy, National General Secretary of the Social Democratic Party of India said that the statement of the BJP National President JP Nadda that Kerala is the breeding ground of extremism is one disgracing the entire Kerala people who have always kept the BJP away from their electoral choice; and a statement that exposes his trepidation of Kerala being a hard nut to crack for the fascists who have failed to establish their sway in the state.

The secular-democratic society in Kerala should come forward against the statement of the BJP National President who is endeavouring to brand those who repudiate the BJP agenda of polarisation and who resist the riotous efforts of the RSS. Religious leaders have to take a vigilant approach towards the efforts to reap political gains through nurturing mistrust amongst the religious believers in a state like Kerala.

The BJP that leads the fascist rampage by dividing the people and creating religious hatred is engendering anarchy and unease in the country. The new generation shall shape up democratic resistance against this agenda, not only in Kerala but across the whole country. On one side, the fascists are pushing the people of the country into acute unemployment and poverty by destructing the economic base of the country through irrational economic policies. And on the other side clashes, violence, mob lynching, and rapes are growing high.

Democratic movements capable of saving the country from the catastrophe the country faces from the fascist rule are getting strengthened. The Sangh Parivar has realised this fact and the statements of the BJP leaders are manifestations of their fear of these movements, said Faizy.