New Delhi, 29th March 2020: SDPI National President MK Faizy has said that the lock down without necessary preparations has made life miserable and chaotic to the people of the country. He asked the central government to wake up and address the situation immediately.

Distressing reports came out of poor people and laborers falling dead on the roads due to starvation and fatigue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has apologized for the difficulties caused by the lock down. It is Prime Minister and the central government who are responsible for the situation. He should announce an emergency package to resolve the plight created by the immature move by the government and there should be urgent measures to ensure food and other basic necessities for the laborers who were put out of work due to the lock down. Though there many declarations from both central and state governments ensure that they are timely implemented.

Meanwhile the lock down has proved deadly to poor people. Ranveer Singh who had to walk from Delhi to his home in Madhya Pradesh following the lock down collapsed and died on his way. Three laborers and children who were walking home died in Haryana. In another incident, 7 laborers and an 18 month old infant died in a road accident in Hyderabad. An 11 year old in Haryana dried of starvation. Four laborers were killed after hit by a truck on Mumbai- Gujarat highway. In Kolkata a 32 year old man was allegedly killed due to police beating.

By passage of each day people’s lives are turning increasingly miserable. Starvation is becoming more dangerous a threat that the Corona virus itself. SDPI demands urgent steps to address the situation.