Stop defaming Nizamuddin Tableeg Markaz
The ongoing vilification campaign against Tableeg Markaz and leaders at New Delhi Nizamuddin, alleging key role in spread of corona virus is highly condemnable. This vicious propaganda being carried out by the biased media will only help spread of communal hate virus even in this time of endemic and lockdown. Central and state governments cannot cover up their role in creating the havoc of large scale mass contacts due to unplanned lockout without precautions. Tableeq Markaz has not violated any law or safety instruction. If they had to lodge delegates during lockdown, it is because govt failed to provide either transportation or accommodation. In the interst of the nation, I remind all authorities and groups that it is not the time for dirty politics. Focusing on meeting of Tableeg and sidelining Ayodhya meeting led by UP chief minister is shameful. I urge them all to behave in a decent and responsibile manner. Stop targetting Tableeg Markaz.

M K Faizy
Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI)