MK Faizy, national president of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has stated that the quick relaxation of restrictions by India on export of Hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug now being used in Covid19 treatment, in response to the threat of US president Donald Trump that he would retaliate unless Modi eases the restrictions on the export of the drug, has shamed the nation of 130 crore people. Though the act has been termed to be on “humanitarian” considerations, the country, the biggest exporter of many essential drugs, had not heeded to the requests of many other countries to ease the export restrictions on drugs on humanitarian considerations.

The country had imposed restrictions on export of around 26 drugs including paracetamol and certain antibiotics, vitamin formulations and hormones on 3rd March to ensure sufficient domestic supply, as China on whom the country mainly depends on for ingredients for these preparations was heavily affected by Covid19 resulting in supply shortage. Hydroxychloroquine which was not in the first list was included on 25th March and the restriction tightened on 5th April.

Though many countries had requested to lift the ban in March itself, the government hadn’t budged to it nor taken the requests on “humanitarian” considerations, but it had been further tightening the restrictions by adding more drugs including Hydroxychloroquine to the list.

But, a single threatening statement by Trump had made the government to ease the restrictions. Knowledgeable personalities say that such a direct threat by the head of a country to the head of another country is unheard of in the modern world.

While Covid19 is spreading across the country, steps to please the “friend” without ensuring the medical safety of the people of the country would be perilous.

It’s just less than a couple of months ago, crores were squandered to entertain Trump even when the GDP was nosediving to the worst rate in the history of the country; and when it came to the interest of his own country Trump didn’t consider the rapport between him and Modi, but dared to raise threat against India.

Humanitarian considerations are welcome, but it should not by surrendeing the sovereignity and pride of the nation and ignoring the health and safety of the people of the country, said Faizy.