New Delhi, 11th Feb 2022: India is a pluralist country and its interest too is pluralistic. India doesn’t belong to any religion, community or group; and if at all anybody has the right to make a claim on India, it is the Dravidians who had been driven away to south India by the Aryan invaders, and the other aborigines lived in the country before the Aryan invasion. RSS, the Brahminical organisation is the followers of Aryans who displaced indigenous Indus Valley Civilisation and introduced Vedas and the Sanskrit language which all were alien to the indigenous Indians living then.  Statement of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat that Hindu interest is the national interest is the modified version of his ideologue Golwalkar’s nation concept. The context of the proposition points that it is a dog whistle to the voters of UP.

Mohan Bhagwat through this statement is instigating religious divisiveness and communal polarisation which have almost strangulated the nation since the ascension of RSS to power at the centre. Religious hatred and bigotry have been the ideology of RSS, and it has resulted in undermining the diversity of the country. 

People of India, irrespective of their religion, caste, creed, language, etc. should stand with the interest of the nation, not with the interest of a particular religion or community. RSS, led by Mohan Bhagwat represents the minuscule hegemonical Brahminism that doesn’t even consider the lower-castes as human beings or doesn’t believe in humanitarian values. And it is this Brahmin ‘Hindu’ that Mohan Bhagwat refers to, and it is the interest of this Brahminism that he means to be the interest of the nation, which will remain a reverie, for sure.  

India belongs to all Indians, and its interest is the interest of the entire citizenry. People of India will unitedly defeat certainly the RSS attempt to claim the ownership of the country.