New Delhi, 15th Feb 2022: Governor in India is a Constitutional post, not a designation of the agent of the ruling party. Traditionally and presidentially, the governor, as is the President of India, is supposed to be an entity that doesn’t involve in any sort of political activities in the country. Kerala governor Arif Mohamed Khan has violated this tradition and precedent by openly making comments about the controversial Hijab issue which has off late been the tool of hatred of the Sangh Parivar against Muslims.

Intervention and involvement of governor in political issues will undermine the federal nature of the country and the democratic system. As any other constitutional bodies in the Sanghi ruled India have been metamorphosed to the saffron proponents, the governor post also has been stigamitised by the RSS government.

His statement about Hijab has been to prove his RSS loyalty and seek the pleasure of his masters. He, as a citizen has his own choice of making comments on any issue or pleasing anybody he wanted to. But he forgets that he is holding a Constitutional post which demands political, religious, caste, linguistic and gender impartiality; and allegiance and commitment to the Constitution. It is better Arif Mohamed Khan resigns the post of governor and work for RSS to please them, rather than ruining the dignity of the august office of the governor by misusing it taking the role of RSS agent. 

Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad

National Vice President

Social Democratic Party of India