Elyas Mohammad Thumbe, National General Secretary of the Social Democratic Party of India expressed fury and resentment about the latest cold-blooded killing of two Muslims by the cow vigilantes the other day in Maharashtra and Bihar. Two men were brutally beaten to death by the so-called cow-protector hoodlums alleging transport of cow meat.

Afan Abdul Ansari and Mohammed Zahiruddin were the latest victims of the Sangh Parivar hooliganism in the name of cow. Ansari, the bread-winner of his poor family was brutally murdered by beating by the cow vigilantes while he was ferrying meat from a vendor in Sangamner in Maharashatra. His co-passenger Nasir Hussain too was severely attacked and he is in critical condition with serious head injury. Mohammed Zahiruddin who was killed in the same manner in Bihar was transporting animal bones to a registered factory that used them for medicinal purposes.

As the prime minister rants in the US that there is no space for religious discrimination in his country, his followers in the country are physically attacking and killing people in the name of religion. It is either in the name of jaisriram or in the name of cow.

It is the taken it for granted attitude and the deliberate acquiescence of the government(s) led by the BJP that give the Sanghi criminals the feeling of impunity and the temerity to continue their hooliganism against the minority community members, especially Muslims. Unless the governments act democratically and with justice, the hooliganism is not going to end. The cow vigilantism once on the fringes of society has now turned mainstream after the BJP assumed power at the centre in 2014.

Social Democratic Party of India, as any peace-loving group and citizens in the country, is highly alarmed about the ceaseless hooliganism of the Sangh Parivar who take law into their hands and disturb the harmony in the society. It is high time the governments woke up and put an end to the lawlessness triggered by the cow-vigilantes by ensuring severe punishment to the guilty, stated Thumbe.