Take Stringent Action Against Ramesh Bidhuri, BJP MP for His Abusive Language Against Muslims in the Parliament
Parliament in India has been a place where its members followed a high decency and decorum even against their political opponents. The BJP which does not respect anyone opposing them has degraded the prime centre of democracy to a street of shmucks. The incident of hurling communal slurs in abusive invectives against the BSP MP Danish Ali by the BJP lawmaker Ramesh Biduri plunges the sanctity of the democratic epicentre of the country into a new low; and the Social Democratic Party of India strongly denounces this verbal abuse by the ruling party MP, stated BM Kamble, the National Vice President of the Social Democratic Party of India.
The outburst with abusive words against Danish Ali by the BJP MP is not confined against him personally, but its an attack on the dignity of Muslims, the largest minority community in the country. Senior BJP MPs laughing from behind Bidhuri while this abuse was continuing, and the inability and failure of the Chair, then held by Kodikkunnil Suresh of Indian National Congress, from Kerala, make the incident worse. Parliament has now become a place where the ruling party legislators are free to utter unparliamentary language against their opponents.
Expunging the dirty comments from the records, or the apology by the senior BJP leader Rajnath Singh or the show cause notice served to the guilty by the party president are not more than a damage control exercise. And nobody who has been watching the developments in the country since 2014 does expect a decent behaviour from the BJP towards Muslims, as the party is built on the ideology of hatred against Muslims, Christians and the Communists.
Kamble demanded stringent action against the BJP MP who has not only hurt the dignity of Indian Muslims but also insulted the democratic principles of decency as well.