New Delhi, 5 January, 2023: With no credible work to show, the fascist BJP wants to stay in power through bulldozer and hate politics. Uprooting citizens from their ancestral lands under the pretext of encroachment is shameful and antithetical to democracy, viewed Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

In a press statement, SDPI’s national vice president Mohammad Shafi thanked the Supreme Court for staying the Uttarakhand High Court’s order to demolish the houses of around 4,000 families which could have rendered over 50,000 people homeless under the severe cold of January. He said that though the SC order has brought temporary relief, it is no permanent solution as the BJP is deliberately targeting Muslim majority areas due to its apparent harted for minorities whom it considers a threat to its Hindutva politics.

Shafi said that responses to several dozens of RTIs reveal that residents of Banbhoolpura and Gafur Basti in Haldwani have valid documents of the land they inhabit while the railways’ claim is based on some recent surveys, a handiwork of BJP’s nefaroius design to change the political demography of Haldwani from where it has failed to win in the State Assemy.

The SDPI leader further said that one after the other the BJP is creating issues based on its devisive politics of hatred which needs to stop as the country, already reeling under crises of poverty, malnutrition and unemployment, cannot afford such heinous political moves.