New Delhi, 12 January 2023: The RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat knows well that the RSS have had no role in India’s freedom struggle. That is precisely the reason for his frustrating statement that Sangh has offered its support to the war against foreign invasion and influence, said a press statement of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI).

The statement came in response to an interview of Mohan Bhagwat carried by RSS mouthpieces Organiser and Panchjanya which went viral on different media outlets.

M. K. Faizy, national president of SDPI said, “We strongly condemn Bhagwat’s statement which is suggestive of stirring up religious violence in the country as it carries a latent threat to Muslims.”
Faizy appealed to the Indian judiciary to take note of Bhagwat’s threat to Muslims to abandon their faith, and his provocative and misleading statement about it, stating that Islam principally does not believe in racial superiority and inferiority. It is rather the Manusmriti that appears to preach such notions.

The SDPI leader condemned the RSS chief for his racist and anti-national and anti-constitutional statements which are likely to disrupt communal harmony and cause problem in keeping social relations among different religious communities.