Book Dr. Aarti Lalchandni For Her Vitriolic Statements Against Muslims – SDPIAdv. Sharafudeen Ahmed, national vice president of Social Democratic Party of India took strong exceptions to the vitriolic statements of Dr. Aarti Lalchandni against Muslims in a video interview and urged the authorities to bring her to justice for her comments instigating communal hatred and violence. He called upon the Indian Medical Council to cancel her registration for her venomous utterings that transgress all medical ethics. Dr. Aarti, Principal of Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi Medical College, Kanpur calling the Tableegi Jamatis terrorists was asking the government to confine them to solitary cells in the jail or send them to jungles without providing treatment as it was wastage of the government resources. She further went on to say that 20-30 crore people, clearly targeting the Muslim population, have put the lives of hundred crore Indians in danger. The doctor is a blot on the medical community that is committed to treat patients equally irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, gender, etc. How could the patients from Muslim community approach such a doctor for treatment, wondered Adv. Sharafudeen. Concerned authorities should ensure that communal harmony is not rattled by such vicious persons who spew venom against Muslims. He demanded that strong actions should be initiated against her for the wicked comments and she should be removed from the post of principal of a reputed institution.