Treat All Human Beings Equally – Say No to Racism and Fascism – SDPIThe murder of George Floyd by the Minneapolis Police has once again brought to light the ugly reality of racism in the United States of America. Though the US claims to be the leader of freedom and liberty, time and again the hollow claims fall to its face when the African American community is attacked, harassed and killed by racist elements. The positive side is the public response to the racist crime. People of all races and religions have come together in US to condemn this act and demand justice. Racism, Communalism and Fascism have no place in a democratic society. The same applies to India where the Hindutva fascists treat the Indian Muslims and Dalits as blacks are treated in US. The people who love democratic values should also come out to resist the fascist forces in India and display solidarity with the Muslims and Dalits of India.Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) firmly stands with the oppressed people in the US and elsewhere, and offers its solidarity to them in all their democratic fights against racism, and for justice.