New Delhi, 4th June 2020: Muhammad Shafi, national general secretary of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), has stated that the charge sheet filed by the Delhi Police on the violence in North East Delhi in February is biased, mockery of facts and highly condemnable. The violence was the aftermath of the highly provocative communal speech of BJP leader Kapil Mishra who instigated his rank and file to get rid of Muslims. Instead of booking Kapil Mishra for causing communal unrest and loss of innocent lives and properties of Muslim community, the police are chasing activists who were in the forefront of anti-CAA protests accusing them of triggering the NE Delhi violence.

The violence was engineered by the Hindutwa forces supported by the government to teach Muslims a lesson for their fierce protest against the CAA, NPR and NRC. In their attempt to incriminate Muslims and activists who had been in the forefront of anti-CAA protests and to protect the real culprits of the violence to please the Sangh Parivar, the police have conveniently ignored evidences such as CCTV footages, video clippings, phone call records, etc. while preparing the charge sheet. 

The Delhi Police turned a blind eye on the atrocities by letting loose the Hindutwa perpetrators to indulge in arson, plunder and to kill innocent Muslims.

Shafi demanded setting up of an independent judicial enquiry commission headed by a sitting Supreme Court judge to investigate the Delhi violence so that a fair trial could be conducted and justice delivered to the victims.