Blocking of Party’s bank account is a fraudulent and distorted move

The National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India, Elyas Thumbe emphasized that the bank authorities at Delhi branch informed that the account has been blocked as per the direction from higher officials of the bank. Surprisingly we came to know through the bank that the account has been blocked as per the instructions of investigating agencies because a payment of salary through bank account was made to the car driver of our party who is accused in a criminal case.

However, yet we didn’t receive any information from any government agencies. Elyas Thumbe said, this is absolutely an imprudent step of the authorities that is parody to banking rules, ethics, discipline and also blatant violation of natural justice. How a bank account of a payer can be blocked or attached by the bank officials or by the investigating agencies if a payment made to a person either for salary or for a transaction.

The employer and the employee is a defined relationship and employer is not accountable for an illegal act if committed by an employee beyond the relationship of employment and may not be held accountable for such act in any manner. If at all the payee is responsible for the offense or allegation of the receiver of the payment, then this perverted rule must be applied to every bank account holder in the country. There is a logic in blocking the account of a person who indulged in an offense or crime. Instead, the agencies played puppet to the tune of the regime and blocked account of ours.

SDPI will drag the agency to the court for their crime of vengeance and tyranny. Elyas Thumbe said that blocking of party’s bank account in Delhi branch is illegal and distorted move of the authorities to deter us from our struggle. He said, the regime is frustratingly using the agencies to target SDPI for its unshaken struggle against Manuvadi and fascist forces in the country.

SDPI will fight legally with grit and grip against the fraudulent move of the bank authorities and the agencies. He said, SDPI hopefully victorious in getting justice and defeat chauvinist and heinous designs.