Bangalore: The Social Democratic Party of India, Karnataka has come down heavily on the Statement of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi alleging the Muslim youth from riot ravaged Muzaffar nagar were in touch with ISI of Pakistan. SDPI Bangalore President Fayaz Ahmed said that this exposes the true nature of Congress which is no different from BJP. This statement casts doubt on the otherwise uncountable integrity of millions of Muslims of India. He further said that instead of providing legal redress and relief to the riot victims and expeditiously punishing the perpetrators of violence of who are roaming freely, the Congress has sought to link the Indian Muslims with ISI and thus making them vulnerable to illegal arrests by police machinery.
It is wonder that Rahul Gandhi is not aware of the part held by the intelligence agencies of India, in spreading hatred against Muslims. Coming forward with an irresponsible statement quoting intelligence agencies, Rahul Gandhi gives positive signal to the “Deep State” concept of the neo-ruling class of India. Once again he has proved that he is not qualified enough to lead a welfare state
Congress and BJP, in order to come to power in General elections to be held in 2014, are hell bent upon destroying the communal harmony in the country.
Muslims have complete faith in the judicial system and internal democratic system and there is no reason for any links with ISI and Muslims have been sacrificing their lives for the country.
SDPI demands an unconditional apology from Congress and Rahul Gandhi and called upon to withdraw the statement.
Protest was held at Mysore Bank Circle on 30th October 2013, 12.00pm. State working committee member Anwar Sadath & N.Puttananjayya , Bangalore District Secretary Waseem Ahmed and Umer Farooq, Assembly member Abdul Rahman Bangalore were present & spoke about the issue.
Waseem Ahmed
SDPI District Secretary