Massive rallies with hundreds and thousands of cadres, supporters showed their presence during the nomination submission in 3 different constituencies of Rajasthan. In the upcoming assembly elections of northern India, SDPI has fielded its 3 candidates in the State nto the constituencies viz. Kota North, Kama & Bundi. The participation of women was a specific seeing in the rallies. A group of intellectuals representing different communities of were among the participants in the Kota North constituency while the candidate submitted his nomination. Mohammed Shafi is a political icon for the youth and he is a popular leader ruling the hearts of massive youths in Rajasthan. Currently he is the Party’s president of Rajasthan State.
Nomination papers submission in Kota North Constituency by Mohamed Shafi

Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan, a celebrity among the backward classes is the SDPI’s candidate for Kama constituency, was followed by a large number of his supporters, about 2 thousand supporters from different villages of the constituency recorded their support in the Pad-Yatra that headed for the submission of nomination. Hafiz Manzoor is a well known cleric, a social activist, has been associated with a number of organizations in serving the oppressed communities. Earlier he was an active member of Jamaat-e-Islami Hind & SIO. Currently he is the State Secretary of Jamiat Ulema e Hind, Rajasthan. Hafiz Manzoor is associated with Social Democratic Party of India right from the foundation of the Party 4 years ago and is serving the Party as the National Vice President.
Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan submits nomination papers in Kama Constituency

Moinuddin Sagar, a social activist and SDPI’s candidate who submitted his nomination from the Bundi constituency is a crowd pullar, specifically the youth. About 3 thousand youths participated in the large procession. A flood of youth marched with Moinuddin Sagar in a rally towards the returning officer for submitting the nomination papers.