Assault on Farmers Unpardonable: SDPITimid BJP Government Forcefully Suppress Farmers MovementSDPI National General Secretary Elyas Muhammad Thumbe said that the timid central BJP Government is using Police force to persuasively suppress the farmers movement against Farm Acts is unpardonable and sacrilegious. The government must realize that the farmers’ agitations cannot be repressed with mighty armed forces. The farmers who are rallied towards Delhi from various corners from the country against the Farm Acts were mercilessly assaulted by the Police. Haryana and Delhi Police are behaving like wild beasts under the behest of BJP government which is disgusting and reprehensible. SDPI appreciate the farmers for their commitment and steadfastness in their struggle against discrimination and injustice despite extreme weather and oppression from the regime. Elyas Mohammad said, Agricultural Minister Narendra Singh Tomar’s arrogant and vague assertion against the demand by the farmers for a law to guarantee Minimum Support Price (MSP) is condemnable. Central BJP government is playing the fool and avoiding talks with farmers. Modi led BJP government is all set to sacrifice the agriculture sector to corporates and capitalists through laws which are against the welfare of farmers and labors. SDPI heartily supports the farmers in their struggle and warn the government about the consequences if it neglects the agitations of the Farmers.