All Indians Should Come Forward to Support the Protesting Farmers – SDPIThe attempts to vilify the ongoing farmers’ protest at the Capital by the Union Government and BJP is highly despicable. The farmers are protesting against the recently passed Farmer Bills which deprive them of their rights to sell their produces on their will and choice of buyers; and dismantle Minimum Support Price (MSP) for their crops. They justifiably fear that the new laws will facilitate entry of corporate giants to the procurement field of agricultural produces, and eventually the farmers would be left to sell the crops for the prices decided by the corporates, as the procurement will be monopolised by these giants. The government is resorting to suppress the protesters using force instead of endeavouring to study and solve the issues raised by the farmers. The indomitable steadfastness of the farmers that sprouts from their conviction of getting their livelihood ripped, has forced the government to have talks with the farmers. The first meeting stands failed as the farmers didn’t want to be allured by any sort of sops, but the withdrawal of the recently enacted anti-Farmer laws. Farmers have unequivocally declared that the protest will be intensified and continued till the government heed to their demand.Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) stands in solidarity with the protesting farmers, offers all support to the farmers for the success of the protest, and requests everybody to be part of this protest. SDPI also urges the central government to give up its adamant fascist stand of oppressing the protest using force and ignoring the genuine demands of the farmers who feed the nation with their sweat and effort.MK FAIZYNATIONAL PRESIDENTSDPI