A joint delegation of SDPI and All India Lawyers Council had a meeting with newly- posted police Commissioner Delhi,Mr S N Srivastava at Police Headquarters at Asoka Road on 10th of March,2020 and apprised him of prevailing situations in Delhi aftermath the recently-planned Muslim massacre in North East of Delhi and also discussed raging issues of Dehli violence engineerered on 24th of February 2020 letting continue unabatedly for three days reportedly till now known killings of more than 54 persons and injuring about 300 people and destroying and sacrileging a number of Masjids.He was given a list of corresponding localities from where goons were seĺectively organized to attack on specific localities of muslim properties and people.The delegation requested to stop hunting of innocent people, indiscreet night raids and indiscriminate detentions of a large number of muslims from different areas of Dehli particularly Ķabìr Nagar, Karawal Nagar etc.
The delegation made strong demand to immediately arrest widely-identified and named offenders and also organizers as well as agent provocateurs and real culprits of Muslim genocide.The issue òf police role and identification of black sheeps was also raised.Interventoon from high police officials to facilitate the work of lawyers in providing legal help in affected areas was also sought for that a number of Jt.DCP was provided to seek any help if required. The matter of mysterious arrest of Danish of Trilokpuri was also raised that without disclosing a substantive offence, he was arrested under section 120B,IPC.
The delegation consisted of Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad,Vice President,Mohammad Shafi,General Secretary,Dr.Mahboob Sharif Avad,Secretary,Adv R Sellivam Paridhi,Vice Presdrnt AILC,Tamilnadu, Adv.Mìr Masood Khan Secretary,AILC,Hyderabad and Mr.Abdul Sattar,member NWC, Tamilñadu.Adv.Sharfuddin Ahmad assured of cooperation of SDPI and AILC and also thanked to the Police Commissioner,Delhi for giving ample time for meeting and interaction on behalf of delegation.