Withdrawal of criminal cases: An excessive step by Yeddi Government: SDPI

Bengaluru: SDPI’s Karnataka state president Elyas Muhammad Thumbe said in press release that Karnataka’s Yeddi Government is taking excessive steps from its starting days itself contributing ‘extreme Vikaasa’.

After cancelling the order of previous government to celebrate Tipu Jayanthi, SDPI condemns the move of withdrawing more than 2000 criminal cases of BJP wokers.
Elyas Muhammad Thumbe questioned the Yeddi Government that how can peace, harmony and tranquility remain in the state when the state government support the criminals who actively involved and helped in riots, clashes and murders.

Yeddi said in a speech immediately after swearing in ceremony that he will not continue hate politics whereas now he is going behind ugly hate politics. Withdrawal of criminal cases of BJP wokers and cancellation of Tipu Jayanthi, both are perverted form of hate politics. Elyas Thumbe said, this is harmful to the welfare of the state and will create huge mistrust and insecurity among the people.

He said, Yediyurappa shall first start thinking of the issues of the people instead of thinking communally. While BJP was in opposition it was screaming about drought relief and illegal provision of huge land to Jindal. Why BJP is not working on it now?. Why the BJP not taking any moves to streamline the stagnant administration of the state? Elyas Thumbe warned and said if the Yeddi Government doesn’t leave it’s practices of thinking communally due to which if any anarchic situation arises in the state, the government itself will be responsible for it.

Elyas Thumbe said, SDPI will question in the court about the withdrawal of criminal cases by the state government.