Why BJP Government Scared of Live Telecast of the Session : SDPI

10 Oct 2019, Bangalore: State Assembly speaker Vishweshwara Hegde Kageri restricted the private news channels not to live telecast the sessions for which the state government gave the silent consent. Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, state president of Social Democratic Party of India, Karnataka said that this is a betrayal to the people of this state and an override on the freedom of press.

He reiterated that hitherto the system of live telecast of the session was prevailing in the state. The people could get the entire picture of the session as whats going on in the house. This could complement the people to think in depth about the development of the state, solutions of the issues, formation of law, seriousness of rules and regulations, etc. However, one can easily understand the motive behind the prohibition of live telecast of the session.

This session of the assembly will repercussions of the agony and chaos against the grave negligence of the central and state governments about the flood effected people who lost their houses and belongings. BJP feel discomfort if this would be telecasted and it will create discontent against BJP among the people.

BJP would feel ashamed when the assembly witness the debate on party’s factionism, failures of the governance and central governments absolute non-cooperation to its own party government in the state.
Previously, during Yeddi government in the past, people observed through the live telecast that the BJP legislators were watching porn films in the session. Instead of working to resolve the issues of the people, BJP legislators are just indulged in petty politics.

Elyas Muhammad Thumbe said banning media live telecasting of the session is Condemnable. He insisted that the government should allow the private media to exercise their freedom of press by allowing them to live telecast.