Molestation, rapes and atrocities against women are escalating and dignity of women is disdained in Uttar Pradesh. The state has turned out to be a place of nightmare for women to live, under Yogi’s rule, stated Adv. Sharafudeen Ahmad, National Vice President of Social Democratic Party of India. A case of rape is registered in every two hours in UP, turning UP into crime capital of India, said Adv. Sharafudeen. Death of a 19-year-old Dalit girl at a Delhi hospital today who was brutally gang raped in Harthas in UP, will not, for sure, be the last in the harrowing series of rapes in Uttar Pradesh. The girl was literally torn off brutally. She was strangulated, her tongue was cut off and her spine was severely injured. She succumbed to injuries after struggling for life for two weeks. Even before passing 24 hours after her sad death, a video of a police officer in Hamirpur in UP stomping with his boots on the thighs of Dalit woman is viral on social media. Humanity has fled UP and cruelty has become the hallmark of the state under the rule of the saffron clad inhuman monk. He has become a blot not only on the state and the nation but also on the Sanathan Dharma. One cannot expect humanity from a bigotry filled man who endorses exhuming and raping Muslim women. The term Jungle Raj irrefutably fits Uttar Pradesh. No ethics and no respect for democratic values or humanity. Cows get priority than human beings. Rapists and molesters rule the roost in UP. Adding insult to injury, a team by the name “Sarvarna Parishad” has come out in support of the Hathras rapists. Perpetrators, rapists and criminals are let loose in Uttar Pradesh scot-free. A confidence of impunity has developed in them since Yogi assumed power.The saddest and distressing part of this poignant incident is that there is no outrage from the so-called collective consciousness of the country who were on streets seeking justice for Nirbhaya who was murdered the same way the Harthas girl was murdered. It is a shame and much disturbing that victims of rape and molestation too are treated based on their privileges, said Sharafudeen Ahmed.