The arrest of over 2,500 persons within three days in Assam under allegations of child marriage smacks of a foul motive to harass members belonging to economically bachward sections of the society. It must immediately stop. This was stated by Yasmin Farooqui, national general secretary, Social Democratic Party of India, following the news of arrest of over 2,500 persons in northeastern state of Assam in connection with alleged cases of child marriage.

Farooqui raised seroius doubts about the timing and swiftness of arrests stating that if such marriages have taken place, where were the state government machineries and agencies sleeping till now. How come so many FIRs were filed so soon?, she questioned. The entire procedure smacks of a political agenda to divert the nation’s attention from serious cases of corruption and failure of the RSS-backed BJP government on all accounts, she said. After shifting the first batch of 68 people at the Matia Transit Camp at Goalpara at the end of January this year, is it the second-dose of the BJP’s CAA-NRC testing in the bordering state?

Despite people increasingly choosing to marry late now, cases of child marriages are found across communities and states. However, the singling out people from minority-concentrated districts of Assam is shocking, Farooqui stated.

The SDPI leader further said that instead of arresting married couples on the basis of FIRs without verifying their actual age and other details, the Assam government should ensure to arrange for better literacy and spend time and resources on awareness campaings against marriage of minors.