Condemning Yoga guru Baba Ramdev over his derogatory remarks against Islam, Christianity and their followers in a public programme in Rajasthan’s Barmer, Social Democratic Party of India has demanded his immediate arrest and punishment under defamatory laws of the Indian Penal Code.

In a press statement, Mohammad Shafi, national vice president of SDPI termed Ramdev’s remarks that it is fine for Muslims to be terrorists and abduct Hindu girls as long as they prayed five times a day as false, derogatory and defamatory for which he should be arrested and penalised. Shafi said that the Baba’s statement is against the law of the land and is reflective of his bigoted mindset and hatred for Islam, Christianity and their followers.

The SDPI leader further said what Ramdev has spoken is false and indicative of maligning Islam. His questioning of Christains as people who just stand before Jesus and their sins are destroyed is pathetic, showing complete disregard for Christianity. He demanded the Congress government of Rajasthan to arrest Ramdev and take strongest action gainst him for his unethical and illegal public speech aimed at hurting Muslims and Christians.