Statement of Kangana Ranaut Seditious – SDPI

Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, National General Secretary of Social Democratic Party of India strongly denounced the statement of Kangana Ranaut that India’s independence in 1947 was nothing but alms and the country got real freedom in 2014, and demanded to invoke sedition charges against her for this abusive statement.

She is dutybound to heap praises on those who have bestowed one of the nation’s highest civilian awards, which till 2014 was awarded to glittering personalities for their commendable contributions to the nation and the society, on her not for any contribution to the society or the nation, but for her uncompromised, unconditional and ridiculous support to and promotion of the reigning fascists, and her role in spreading communal hatred in the society. It may be true that damfool sycophants like her got the freedom to rave absurdities without facing any legal actions after 2014.

Her statement is a serious insult to the sacrifices of the freedom fighters. She has the right to fawn over and seek pleasure of her masters, but it should not be at the cost of the spilt blood and sacrificed lives of our forefathers in the fight against the colonialists for the nation’s independence. It will be a great service to the nation and the society if those living in the ivory towers of high privileges keep away from uttering nonsense on topics, they are ignorant about. Ranaut’s abusive statement is tantamount to sedition, said Thumbe.

Ranaut’s contributions to the society are hatemongering, communal polarisation, spewing venom against the minority community, spreading hatred among the people on religious grounds, etc. She has been banned by Twitter for her communal tweets, and in spite of her ‘fame’ as an actress from Bollywood, her contribution to the Indian film society too is a big zero. But the fascist government endorses all her anti-social and anti-national acts and jibes by providing her high category security and giving her the Padma Shree award. While Kangana is ridiculing the freedom fighters, the central government is ridiculing both the freedom fighters and the Padma Shree, by awarding the honour to her.

Elyas Thumbe demanded that sedition charges should be invoked against Kangana for her ridiculous jibe, and asked the union government to withdraw the Padma Shree award given to her. He further requested all those who have received the Padma Shree award since its inception to return the honour, if the union government doesn’t take back the award from Kangana.