Fascism is Bound to Fail; Congratulations and Salutes Farmer Fighters – SDPI

MK Faizy, National President of Social Democratic Party of India congratulated the fighting farmers for the historic victory of their year-long agitation. “Salutes dear farmers, it is the moment of joy and pride. SDPI which has unconditionally supported and stood with the agitating farmers since the beginning of the protest; had participated in protests and hartals and conducted its own protests nationwide to declare solidary with the farmers too shares this moment of victory and joy. You have brought the Indian fascism to knees. You have shown that no ruler, how tyrannic he be, cannot survive the resistance and fury of the people. It is people’s victory over the brutal fascist government in the country; fascism is bound to fail,” said Faizy.

Farmers, the backbone of the country have been on streets for the past one year demanding to withdraw the detrimental amendments to the farm laws, that were passed by the union government. The attitude and approach of the government towards the agitation have been highly negative and lethargic. The government didn’t bother to show the minimum democratic courtesy of listening to the woes and demands of the farmers, or to have positive discussions with them. They were endeavouring to suppress, strangulate and kill the protest and the protesters. Son of a union minister killed the protesting farmers by running over his vehicle on them. Many protesters had martyred in the past one year. And at last, the union government has agreed to withdraw the contentious laws, despite their earlier adamant stand of implementing it.

Fights for justice have never failed, albeit the victory sometimes may be late. The victory of this agitation is a distinct warning to the arrogant anti-people rulers that countdown of their fall has begun. It shows that any tyrant or fascist ruler shall definitely succumb to strong, determined and steadfast people’s resistance. The victory serves as an impetus to millions of Indian people who have been subjected to atrocities by the ruling party for raising voice against the injustice of the government. It gives the lesson that, if the rulers are ready to read it, no government will be able to survive if it is against the people. Justice is bound to win and fascism is bound to fail.

All the victims of state-terror and atrocities of the anti-national elements with the support of the rulers should assimilate the message of this victory and stand united to defeat and dismantle the fascists from power through strong and determined resistance and agitations against injustice; and save the country, urged Faizy.