Seeking Citizenship Application: SDPI Organises Nation-wide Protests at Home on Tuesday, 1st June 2021

New Delhi, 30th May 2021: SDPI National President MK Faizy has strongly criticised the move of the Ministry of Home Affairs seeking applications for citizenship from non-Muslim refugees from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh in 13 districts of Gujarat, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Haryana and Punjab. The Union Government is grimacing at the people of the nation by this ridiculous act while the country is going through the worst-ever difficult situation, stated Faizy.

The BJP government has proved itself inefficient, inept and incapable of governing the country. It is an absolutely failed government in all aspects. Misgovernance and maladministration are its hallmark.  This government came to power inciting communal hatred, offering to wipe out a section of the citizens from the country based on their religious faith and promising to demolish places of worship of other religions and construct temples on the demolished sites. Party goons are let loose to rollick on streets attacking and forcing the citizens of other faiths to shout ‘jai sriram’ an erstwhile pious chant which the bigot Sanghi goons have converted to a scary slogan. Those who disagree to chant it are mercilessly lynched on the streets.

Fuel prices are spiking on daily basis, commodity prices are skyrocketing and Covid pandemic is wreaking havoc across the country. Government is not concerned to provide proper healthcare facilities for the pandemic patients. There is no arrangement for adequate supply of oxygen for the asphyxiating Covid patients, and ventilators supplied by the PM Cares Fund are misfunctioning and faulty. No vaccine is available. No crematoriums and so the dead bodies are thrown into rivers.  Economy has nosedived, GDP has recorded the lowest-ever rate pushing even Bangladesh up above India. Unemployment is at its peak. The BJP government has led the country to such a humiliating condition of receiving help from poor African countries like Kenya.

When the country and her natural citizens are facing tough challenges to their life and struggling to overcome the pandemic, Modi is fiddling as Nero of the proverb. The government is not bothered to save the lives of its citizens, but are on to naturalise the citizenship of the so-called refugees of certain faiths. This is absolutely ridiculous and contemptible, and this is a planned futile exercise to divert the attention of the people from the crises, and to veil the failure of the government. Modi and the BJP government led by him have become a great liability to the country, opined Faizy.

In this circumstance, Social Democratic Party of India has decided to conduct a nation-wide campaign at homes on Tuesday, the 1st June 2021 holding placards and posters protesting the disdainful attempt of the central government of instigating contentious issues like citizenship to cover its failure, informed Faizy.