New Delhi, 28th May 2021: A delegation of SDPI led by National Vice President Advocate Sharfuddin Ahmad visited the bereaved family of Late Faisal Hussain on 27th of May, 2021. Late Faisal, was brutally killed in daylight on 21st May, 2021 by the policeman, Constable Vijay Chaudhary in complicity with other policemen in Bangarmau, District Unnao, Uttar Pradesh. Faisal, 19 years old was only earning hand of the family dealing in retailing of vegetables at the pavement of the vegetable market situated nearby his residence. Late Faisal’s family had been traditionally been small time retailers of vegetables. For the last 10 years, father of Faisal, Islam Hussain has been suffering with acute asthma and other diseases so have been fully incapacitated. The elder brother of Faisal namely Sufiyan also suffers from Filariasis and blurred eyesight. The younger brother Ayaan is only 14 years old so the entire financial responsibility of the family was on Faisal who in view of the constraints, had to take the vegetables from the wholesale traders in the morning on credit and after sale use to pay back in the evening keeping the earned balance with him to run the family.

A constable namely Vijay Chaudhary had unleashed a reign of terror by committing brutality on hawkers and pavement sellers to exploit them financially since his posting as constable in Police Station, Bangarmau. On 21st of May, when Vijay Chaudhary came to the market other people, selling vegetables and miscellaneous items fled away but Faisal was caught and brutally beaten thereafter, forcibly taken to police station by Constable Vijay Chaudhary and his colleague on Motorbike. He was done to death by beating in police station in the presence of SI and other policemen. The video of the incident in this regard has been widely circulated. The delegation has gathered the information as following:

The only bread winner of the family has been done to death by policemen, FIR was registered and three of them have been arrested.

The family has been suffering with penury, helplessness but no financial aid on the death of promising boy Faisal has been provided by the government or any other organisation till now.

Most of the members of the family are suffering with in capabilities and diseases. Married sister has also been expelled from the husband’s house from last 3 years and the burden is on the family of Late Faisal.

The family lives in a dilapidated room in a house shared by the members of the extended family. No member of the family of Faisal is educated or capable to earn the money to bear the necessary expenses of the family.

The delegation of SDPI was comprised of Mohammad Saleem Khan, Organising secretary of U.P. SDPI, Mr Haroon Rasheed and Yunus Siddiqui from Kanpur in addition to Sharfuddin Ahmad Advocate.