28 Sept. 2016 New Delhi: Taking on the communal forces which have created chaos across the country, the distressed Social Democratic Party of India has decided to give a clarion call of unity to the people of India through a Secular India Meet with slogans ‘Secularism is India’s Life’ and ‘Secularism is inevitable for India’s existence’. As part of the Meet, the party would be conducting a week long nationwide programs from 2 to 8 Oct.

Citing the purpose of the meet, Party General Secretary Elyas Thumbe said in a press statement, the meet is intended to create awareness among the people of all strata of life to unite secularly and defeat communal forces which are thriving violently without the fear of law and order. He further said, our Constitution bestows the ideals of secular principles which we need to protect unitedly, whereas the communalism, communal nationalism, power thirsty polarizing politics and authoritarianism are recklessly determined to ruin the uniqueness and existence of our country.

Elyas Thumbe said, the live lineage of secularism in the country has so much comforting that it connects the hearts of the people of numerous communities which are distinctly separate with trust, reverence and fraternity. He came down heavily upon the present regime terming the hypocrisy of fanatic nationalism aspiring to establish its own supremacy in the name of a particular religion will devastate this nation. Thumbe evinced that that we, the Indian citizens need to protect our country and its unity, integrity, progress, peace and tranquility. We should defeat the divisive, communal forces and strengthen Indian secularism.

Elyas said, SDPI is confident that ‘secularism is inevitable for the existence of our country’ and hence the Secular India Meet which is aimed at saving the nation from the hands of communal and anti-secular elements. On behalf of the party, Thumbe appealed to people from all walks of life to join hands for and extend their support to the programs being organized during the Secular India Meet to ensure ceaseless spirit in the country’s secularism.