22 Sept. 2016 New Delhi: The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) while vehemently condemning the Uri attack has expressed heartfelt condolences to the families of the 18 Jawans who laid down their precious lives for the country. SDPI national president A. Sayeed in a statement said India has exposed yet another security lapse and failure of intelligence agencies. It is being said that Security agencies ignored repeated alerts of attack. How infiltrators can infiltrate Brigade Headquarter that too in operational area.

Sayeed said that this is a problem when there is a government in New Delhi, which has no definite strategy while dealing with Pakistan. Same happened during Vajpayee’s rule, with Kargil fiasco, attack on Indian Parliament and hijack of Indian plane into Pakistan for onward journey to Kandahar. Now under Narendra Modi it started from Pathankot where seven soldiers, one commando of Indian Airforce special Garud unit and two defense security corps were killed followed by Pampore where eight CRPF personnel were killed. And now it is Uri.

He has questioned the dead bodies of the attackers having been buried in a hurriedly fashion. There should be a consistency template in handling bodies of terrorists after such attacks. The last rites could have been deferred, given the bodies of Pathankot attackers were preserved in a morgue for four months, while the five-member suicide squad that attacked Parliament in 2001 got burials after a month. In both the cases, India had asked Pakistan to accept the bodies and carried out the last rites after Islamabad failed to respond. In this case also the Indian government could have kept their bodies as a proof for Pakistani involvement and a tool to put pressure on Pakistan.

An attack right before a UN address and UNGA Summit and SAARC summit raises eyebrows? Pakistan has already proved that their democratically elected governments, military and intelligence do not work collaterally. Normally a country cant be so stupid that a day before their Prime Minister is getting ready for the showdown in UN they spearhead such an attack when already they are far ahead favorite in Kashmir issue in UN than India. On the other hand, the Memorandum of Agreement for Logistic Exchange between India and America will not limit to sharing of military bases by both the countries, since India has repeatedly proved that our military locations are vulnerably open in front of enemies. America may take over the security aspect of the military locations in India. They will make use of this chance which they are avariciously looking forward since many years, A Sayeed added.