Though the basic policy of party is positive politics, by which we do not care whether a BJP candidate gets benefited in case we field ours’, but in the last Lok sabha election we adopted strategy to avoid winning of BJP candidate on our account. We did not field candidates in Rajasthan, and Bihar upon this strategy. In Bihar we declared support to five non BJP candidates from different parties who managed to win the election.

The Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has contested 30 parliamentary seats in 6 states namely Kerala (20 seats), West Bengal (4 seats), Tamil Nadu (3 seats), Karnataka (1seat), Andhra Pradesh (1 seat) and Madhya Pradesh (1 seat). Apart from this SDPI contested three Assembly seats in Andhra Pradesh, namely Kurnool, Nandyal, and Nellore.

Kerala: In Kerala party contested in all 20 constituencies, before declaration of the candidates.
In Kerala without any alliances we succeeded in increasing our votes more than 70% compared to the last assembly elections. After UDF, LDF and BJP, SDPI came next with 2,73,847 votes followed by the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) with 2,56,662. The share of BSP was 71,262 votes. The Welfare Party of India could secure only 68,332 votes. In Kerala some of the mainstream media, who generally neglect us, commented that SDPI was the only party who approached this election with a clear political view whereas all others focused only on political games.
In Malappuram constituency SDPI candidate Nasarudheen Elamaram got 47,853 votes, stood fourth after Muslim League, CPM, and BJP. Among the total 20 candidates fielded by the party, there were 4 candidates belonging to SC community, a Christian and a woman.

Karnataka: In Karnataka we succeeded in forming a political alliance with Janatha Dal Secular JD(S) lead by former Prime Minister Devegowda. Several elements including CPI(M) tried to dissuade Devegowda but failed. They even threatened the party of expulsion from the Left Front in Kerala, but JDS was determined to continue with us.
In Karnataka SDPI contested in alliance with JD(S) in an only constituency in Dakshina Kannada constituency.  As a result, the Dakshina Kannada constituency underscores the emergence of SDPI as a stronger party to the third position in the electoral politics after BJP and Congress in the District. SDPI got 27,254 votes (2.26%), CPM got only 9,394 (0.78 percent) and could not even come anywhere near SDPI in all 8 assembly segments except Mangalore South.

Tamil Nadu: In Tamil Nadu we could open a relationship with DMK, which may benefit us in the coming General Assembly election. SDPI contested in 3 seats in which we got total 42,003 votes from 3 constituencies named as Ramanatha Puram, 12,541 votes, Tirunelveli 14,877 votes and Chennai North 14585 votes.

West Bengal: In west Bengal we contested in 4 seats including Jungipur where we had gathered 24,691 votes in the last by-election. We could manage to secure around 17,256 votes in Jungipur against 24,691 in the by-election. The anomaly took place due to the presence of the candidate of Trinamool congress (TMC), which was not there last time. It effected more badly to welfare party who was dragged down to nearly 9,476 from last times 41,620 votes. In the other three constituencies also we managed to gather 6010 votes from Murshidabad, 11,618 votes from Berhampur, and 12,942 votes from Malda south.

Andhra Pradesh: In Andhra Pradesh along with Lok sabha election there was state assembly and local body election. SDPI contested 1 Lok sabha seat from Kurnool in which got 11,393 votes and also contested 3 assembly seats in Kurnool we got 2848votes, in Nandyal we got 6091 votes and in Nellore 503 votes.
In Local body election we contested 25 Muncipal seats, 6 Corporation seats and 1 MPTC(Taluk Panchayath) seat in which won one MPTC (Taluk Panchayath)  seat from Holgunda and in Muncipal and corporation we could not win but we left behind Congess party and in many seats SDPI candidates got 3rd position.

Madhya Pradesh: In Madhya Pradesh before nomination many Muslim organizations like Jamaat-ulema-hind and others assured us that they will support SDPI candidate in Bhopal but during campaign no one came in support but only with few cadres we got 5557 votes.

SDPI Results LS-2014 to - be pasted in Lok Sabha Elections