SDPI welcomes disqualification of rebel Karnataka MLAs

New Delhi 28 Jul 2019: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has welcomed the decision of Karnataka Assembly Speaker disqualifying 14 more rebel Cong-JD (S) legislators from the House after they played truant and defied party whip in near month long political melodrama. Now the total number of MLAs disqualified comes to 17 as three had earlier been shown the exit door.

SDPI national general secretary Abdul Majeed in a statement said KarnatakaAssembly Speaker K. R. Ramesh Kumar’s action in disqualifying the rebel legislators is a right step as they were reportedly blackmailing the ruling party while hobnobbing with their adversary BJP in lieu of bounties in the shape of huge cash bags. He said these MLAs who were elected on secular votes had betrayed people’s mandate by being hand-in-gloves with communal forces.

Abdul Majeed said it was a known fact they would be disqualified for defying party whip. Either way their support to BJP would not have worked, they dug their own grave-serves them right. Whether they resigned or defected the constituencies they represented would have fallen vacant and elections to those places would be held after 6 months.

He said that it is a good decision by the Speaker. Such MLAs should be punished for duping the public who had elected them from a certain party for secular credentials. Instead of carrying out their duties they submitted resignations from that party in the greed to become ministers or enjoy more powers representing the BJP at the cost of toppling the government. Lawmakers changing parties after getting elected must be punished, he added.

Abdul Majeed lamented that Congress and JD (S) have also drifted from their path and often indulge in soft Hindutvato garner non-secular votes. These parties also succumb to pressures and many a times allot tickets to representatives of business tycoons and land mafias who later exploit them for their vested interests. So, politics has become a dirty game where honesty and sincerity is put on sale, he remarked.