New Delhi: The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), has vehemently condemned the death of 44 CRPF personnel who were killed on February 14, 2019 when a convoy in which they were travelling was rammed by an explosive laden vehicle by a militant on the Srinagar-Jammu highway.
SDPI national president M. K. Faizy in a statement, while expressing deep condolences to the bereaved families, said: “We are shell-shocked and our hearts broken when we see this kind of attacks in J&K. The Indian Army should use all its powers to put an end to this kind of attacks. It is really a matter concern that over the years we have been facing this kind of incidents in the Valley. Again and again, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s response to loss of over lives of security forces has been mere tweet of sorrow or empty boast of befitting reply. The government will have answer certain questions. Why were these 2500 CRPF Jawans not provided sufficient security to travel safely? Why were checkpoints not put up on the highway before and behind the CRPF convoy to verify all vehicles and persons travelling on the highway? How is that the IB and RAW could not detect suspicious movements of the militant? The governor himself has admitted intelligence failure. What has happened to the panel instituted to start a political dialogue with the people of the Valley? The PMO and the National Security Adviser have to answer these questions. The whole incident should be investigated thoroughly and remedial measures should be taken so that similar attacks don’t happen in future.
Faizy said the government is not ready to initiate the political solution for the unending agitation in J&K. After the Independence till date military is playing cat and mouse game with militants. Many neutral observers have pointed out giving full autonomy for the state under the constitution is the only solution for this decades long problem. It needs a kind of political courage to initiate such plans. The government along with prompt military response is to analyse situation afresh, consult stakeholders and take steps to a political solution.