Deescalate and return to negotiations: SDPI
New Delhi: Social Democratic Party of India has congratulated the Indian Air Force for giving befitting reply to the deadly attack on the CRPF convoy at Pulwama. In a statement released by M K Faizy, the president of the party, said that India and Pakistan should try to deescalate as a war between the two countries is horribly expensive and calamitous. Moreover it will stifle people’s efforts to crawl out of backwardness and poverty. It also feeds extreme rightist forces in the subcontinent. The central government with nothing to show before the people before the coming general election may try to use jingoistic slogans to win some votes. People should defeat such devious plans unitedly. They should join hands to stop forces trying to create divisions in the country.
Seven decades of strife in Kashmir has shown that use of force and military might is not going to resolve the problem which is basically political. We have consistently refused to address this reality which is worsening since BJP Govt. came to power at centre. We have seen that violent incidents have become the new normal in the state proving beyond doubt the failure of strategy implemented by BJP regime. It is time we bring the real representatives of Kashmiris to the negotiating table and try to find out an amicable settlement, the president said.