SDPI Welcomes Supreme Court Move in Ayodhya Title Suit
Demands to Postpone Mediation till Lok Sabha Polls

New Delhi: Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) National President M.K Faizy welcomed the move of Supreme Court for a court-monitored mediation among the parties. He insisted it would be on basis of the fact and records. Though we are not sure about the outcome of the process, it is our concern that the ruling party BJP at the centre may use it for the political benefit in the upcoming Lokha Sabha election by exploiting the social climate with undue influence.
Already various efforts for the mediation in the past ended as futile exercise. The present initiation is from the Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court, which has taken up the responsibility of the final verdict. This legal validity makes it different from other failed negotiations.
But, the names of the panel members announced by the Supreme Court are disappointing. It would have been headed by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India, rather than selecting the retired justice to head the panel. Moreover a controversial man, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar who has always been on the side of the right wing aggressors is a panel member. It diminishes the credibility of the panel.
Hence, M.K Faizy appealed the Supreme Court to revise the panel. He also, expresses the apprehension about the eight weeks-time stipulated for the completion. Since, it is a period of political over tone, there are the chances of exploiting the issue for electoral mileage. We have seen how the issues like Pulwama terror attack and airstrike are misused by the Prime Minister and his party as election campaign issues.
So, in the interest of the nation and the people, the mediation should be kept on pending till the Lok Sabha poll ends. M.K Faizy added that since the issue has been pending since last seven decades, there will not be any problem to wait till the hostile electrol climate is concluded
He appealed the Supreme Court to ensure that this court-monitored mediation never influence to dilute the criminal acts which was culminated in demolishing the Babri Masjid, on its course in the trial court.

M.K Faizy
National President
Social Democratic Party of India