Resolutions passed on 10th February 2019 at NWC meeting held in Jaipur : SDPI
⦁ Scrap the amendment giving reservation on economic criterion.
SDPI is of the strong view that the 10 percent reservation on the basis of economic criteria as an attack on the constitution as it increases the privileges enjoyed by certain sections of the ruling class. The Government of India Act, 1935 acceded to the demand of Baba Sahib Ambedkar granting reservation to the marginalized and neglected sections among Indians. It was after a long debate in the Constituent Assembly finally incorporated reservation in the constitution making clear that its basis is to be on social and educational backwardness. The reservation is provided to socially and educationally backward communities due to the caste discrimination, social disparity and lasting indignity in the society created by the caste system. The change of roster from two hundred points to thirteen points is also a ploy to deny the right to SC/ST and OBC’s. The game changing amendment in the constitution was rushed through side lining the proper procedures. The miniscule minority of the population has already been enjoying 50 percent jobs guarantee claiming that merit is to be counted for employment. The new amendment is absolutely unconstitutional and SDPI demands the scrapping of the amendment No.124 in the constitution of India forth with.

  1. Need for united fight.
    SDPI notes that with the forth coming Lok Sabha election will be held in an atmosphere of political subterfuge and fear. Poor economy and the growing unemployment coupled with caste and communal hatred fueled by the ruling coalition has brought down its credibility of the ruling party to all time low. SDPI the National Working Committee of the party is of the view that the forthcoming election is crucial as the fascist communal forces would resort to all means to remain in power. NWC calls up on the all the secular and democratic forces to fight the election united. The party is prepared to forge alliance with secular and likeminded political parties to ensure one- -to- one contest in most of the parliamentary constituencies. SDPI Calls upon such political parties to come out of their shells to consolidate democratic power.

⦁ Repeal oppressive laws.
SDPI strongly demands the repealing of draconian, repressive and colonial laws such as UAPA, AFSPA and NSA etc. The progressive thinkers, writers and other intellectuals are being sent to jail in autocratic manners branding them Urban Naxals while the identified Hindutwa c killers are being patronized and honoured by state dignitaries. SDPI also condemns the efforts of Pune Police to Prof. Anand Teltumbde and others who have dissenting views disregarding the laws of the land. Sedition charge is made at the drop of a hat against members of weaker sections and minorities under these draconian laws.
⦁ Rebuild the Bari Masjid.
The NWC would like to remind the nation that that a section of identified criminals in collusion with local administration, succeeded in putting idols in Babri Masjid in the intermittent night of 22/23 December of 1949 to illegally take over the premise on the basis of the lie that Ram was born there. When Babri Masjid was demolished by Hindutwa vandals on 6th December 199 the Prime Minister Narasimha Rao in his address to nation assured that Masjid would be rebuilt on the same place. SDPI demands that government must fulfill this promise without further delay.
⦁ Fake encounters.
NWC of SDPI vehemently condemns the series of extra-judicial killings throughout BJP ruled especially UP. The NWC earnestly demands that the Supreme Court monitored SIT be constituted to make enquiry into all the fake encounters happened in UP since formation of Yogi Government
⦁ Intervene to stop farmer suicides.
For the past one decade, over 15,000 farmers in India have been taking their own lives each year. The recent report of the National Crime Records Bureau says 15,964 farmers committed suicide in 2010 alone. The five most affected states are: Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. Calculation of average number of deaths during the decade reveals that over 45 farmers are committing suicide every day. Moreover, out of the total deaths, around 15 per cent suicide victims are women. These figures expose the tall claims of the central and state governments that they are helping the farmers and reveals the total failure of neo-liberal economic policies of the rulers. NWC asks the party leadership to take the case of the farmers and organize them. NWC I demands that special programmes are to be launched to give relief to the farmers and waive the loans to small scale farmers.