New Delhi: “Economic reservation undermines the Constitution”, with this title, a convention was called by Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI) on 07.02.2019 at India International Centre in New Delhi.

The Sangh Parivar’s Govt. Of India have recently announced 10 per cent reservation for higher castes of the country in haste shows the intention of BJP-led NDA Govt. to polarize the upper castes votes in its favor. SDPI against this unconstitutional decision, which undermines the Constitution, has raised its strong voice.

In the convention representatives and leaders of various political parties, human rights activists, advocates, intellectuals and social organizations supported the move.

M. K. Faizy, the president of SDPI, on this occasion during his speech said that in our country the reservation means not the economic upliftment of downtrodden section of the society who have been on back foot for centuries, but the need to bring them at par with other progressive groups in education, administration and, of course, in lawmakers class. They must get equal rights in all spheres of life of the society. The present hastily announced 10 per cent reservation for upper castes is, thus, an anti-constitutional decision. BJP after coming to power in center has tried at every step to undermine the dreams of Baba Ambedkar followers to get their rights in proportion to their population whereas the upper caste people are already in over-proportion in the government set up. Thus, the BJP government has given them additional proportionally creamy layers to woo them for voting in the forthcoming general elections. It’s the government’s Manuvadi idea to empower the upper castes.

Participating in deliberations DMK leader, as Chief Guest of the convention, RS Member of Parliament, Ms Kanimozhi said that the present decision of the BJP-led government with the support of other secular parties is nothing but hand-in-gloves policy of theirs. They could not oppose the anti-Dalit, anti-people, anti-social and anti-constitutional reservation bill.

In this convention other leaders also put forth their views and hailed the SDPI for taking such initiative.

In the convention also participated SDPI National Vice President Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad and Dhehlan Baqvi, Adv. Mehmood Pracha of Supreme Court, Ashok Bharti, Bhanu Pratap, SDPI National Gen. Secretary Abdul Majeed and SDPI National Secretary Dr Tasleem Ahmad Rahmani etc.

Dr. Nizamuddin Khan, Convener Delhi State SDPI conducted the programme. The convention ended with vote of thanks while resolving unanimously to strongly raise their united voices.