18 July 2014

Social Democratic Party of India organized protest rallies at various district headquarters of Uttar Pradesh condeming the bombarding of
innocents in Palestine by Israel and urged the Central Government to pressurize the Israel to stop the massacre and snap the ties with
the Israeli state. IT it is to be noted that the Israel has been bombarding in Gaza killing innocent civilians including children and women.

The attacks lead to the evacuation of more than 40 lakh Palestinians from their own land. The Israel is on the verge of encroaching the
land of Palestine illegally for over decades. The Israel has literally sieged Palestine from all the corners turning it in to a jail for the
civilians. The bombardment continued murdering innocents even during the nights.

The Party leadership said India has always taken a clear stand on Palestine, the land of Arabs, and maintained cordial relationship the
country in United Nations. But the present government at Centre practicing a typical grave policy in this regard. In order to pressurize the
government to enact the policy that our country has been practicing for over decades towards Palestine be applied, the Party has
organized the mammoth rallies protesting against the terror act of Israel on innocent civilians in Palestine.