SDPI released book, “AYODHYA – Pawn on the Political Chess” in Ayodhya  

Ayodhya-UP, 24 December 2017: It becomes a duty of patriots and those who respect human values to unitedly promote communal harmony and contribute towards strengthening the constitutional values of the country when the communalism raises its head leading to the emergence of violence. False propaganda has been made about Ayodhya, contradictory to the truth. Ayodhya, has been a live example demonstrating communal harmony, brotherhood and co-existence of the followers of different religions.

Ayodhya is still a house to large graveyards and ‘Dargahs’ of prominent Muslim Sufi saints which show that there has been a major role of Muslims in the development of Ayodhya. The presence of Jain temples, Budh temples and Gurudwaras, its apparent that Ayodhya has been a place which hosted and cherished several religions and apart from being a place of pilgrimage for Sanatan religion, Ayodhya is also a place of pilgrimage for the followers of faiths such as Jain, Islam, Budh and Sikh religions.

Except a few incidents, the people of Ayodhya exhibit communal harmony and social co-existence. The harmonious relationship, love and brotherhood between the parties in Babri Masjid litigation present an example to the world. The contribution of Awad’s Nawab in constructing Hanuman Garhi, the construction of Masjid Shahe Alam (Ad-Gade Wali Masjid) in the premises of Hanuman Garhi and the presence of large Muslim graveyards and Dargahs in areas mostly inhabited by Hindus are witnesses of communal harmony in Ayodhya. The Muslims of Ayodhya, though in minority, live safely, running their shops and doing business happily with fellow brethren is an example before the world.

There have been efforts to destroy our country’s democracy and constitutional values of Ayodhya by making the town a pawn in the political chess and thus there is a dire need to show the ground reality of Ayodhya. In this regard, with an aim to depict the real face of Ayodhya before the country and expose the political conspiracy, the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has published a book ‘AyodhyaPawn on the Political Chess’, written by SDPI National Vice President Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad, who has presented Ayodhya’s actual beingness. The book guides towards controlling the communal ambience and strengthening brotherhood in order to preserve the democratic values. The book is an effort towards stepping-up belief in our country’s social setup as per India’s Constitution.

The book’s preface has been written by Justice P.B. Sawant, Former Judge Supreme Court of India. The book has been released today at Shri. Ram Hotel, Hanuman Garhi, Ayodhya. The book releasing ceremony has been attended by SDPI National President A. Sayeed, Bombay High Court Former Judge Justice Kolse Patel, Ram Janma Bhoomi Ayodhya Chief Priest Acharya Satendra Kumar ji, SDPI General Secretary Mohammed Shafi, SDPI UP State President Mohammed Kamil, Babri Masjid litigation party Iqbal Ansari and well known social activist Khaleel Ahmed. The other prominent guests were Shri. Hari Dayal Mishra, Babu Bhai (Sadiq Ali), Najmul Hasan Ghani, Shri. Jugal Kishore Shastri and others.

Ayodhya Ram Jannma Bhoomi Chief Priest Acharya Satendra Kumar Ji is seen with SDPI President A. Sayeed and Former Judge Bombay HC Justice Kolse Patil

Ayodhya Ram Jannma Bhoomi Chief Priest Acharya Satendra Kumar Ji is seen with SDPI President A. Sayeed and Former Judge Bombay HC Justice Kolse Patil

L-R: Mohammed Kamil, SDPI Vice President Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad (Author of the Book), Jyotishi Hari Dayal Mishra, SDPI President A. Sayeed and Justice Kolse Patil