28 Dec 2013 / BANGALORE:
Formation of SDPI has been done with a purpose of being the voice of the oppressed and the downtrodden. These were the words of Abdul Majeed K, during a massive public program organized in Madikeri. The program was conducted in the Market Hall Madikeri to thank and compliment its valuable voters in wake of the Party’s success in winning 4 seats of councilors in the recently held CMC election.
He said, Social Democratic Party of India is not here to rule or make money but to handover the power in the hands of people and ensure that their backwardness be uprooted by all means and serve them.
He criticized that, about 50% of the families do not have toilets; children couldn’t pursue education due to lack of money and for a common man, it is essential to have sufficient political power to lead a normal life. He said, SDPI would surely attain majority & run a clean and transparent administration in the CMC in future without the money or muscle power. Party’s State President extended compliments to all the voters, well-wishers for their support in gaining success in the recently held election. He termed the winning as the success of the people.
Party’s State Committee Member K. B Afsar Kodlipet said, the kind voters have taught a lesson to the Congress, BJP & JD(S), even though were lured of money in return of votes. He thanked voters and assured that the public representatives will do their best to ensure the best possible services to the respective wards.