SDPI Denounces the Arrest of Activists in Lucknow

Muhammad Shafi, national general secretary of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) has strongly condemned the arrest of three Muslim activists including one SDPI member allegedly for circulating posts “against communal amity” in WhatsApp group on 5th August in Lucknow. The police have not mentioned what were contents of the posts and how is it “against communal amity.”

The Supreme Court in its final judgment in the Babari Masjid case had unequivocally stated that “The ASI report has left unanswered a critical part of the remit which was made to it, namely, a determination of whether a Hindu temple had been demolished to pave way for the construction of the mosque” ; and “No evidence is available to explain what transpired in the course of the intervening period of nearly four centuries.” These statements in the judgement, without doubt, refute the claim that the Masjid was built by demolishing a temple. So, the Muslims have the right to say that the land where Bhoomi Poojan was held belongs to the Masjid, and this claim is line with the finding of the court and hence neither unlawful nor against communal amity.

Shafi, urged the RSS governments in UP and at the centre to refrain from targetting the dissenting voices and the activists who stood in the forefront of Citizenship agitations in the beginning of the year, and booking them in forged cases.