SDPI Demands JPC Visit to Jahangirpuri and Judicial Enquiry into the Illegal Demolition

Elyas Muhammad Thumbe, the National General Secretary of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) expressed high concern and shock on the bulldozer politics of the Sangh Parivar at Jahangirpuri in Delhi. A Joint Parliamentary Committee (JPC) comprising the representatives of all political parties should visit the spot of atrocities at Jahangirpuri where Muslim dwellings, constructions and properties of masjids were illegally demolished by the authorities using bulldozers and a judicial enquiry should be conducted and the culprits of the inhuman bulldozing be punished exemplarily, demanded Elyas.

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation (NDMC) in response to a letter from the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party chief Adesh Gupta demanding that they bulldoze illegal encroachments of “anti-social elements and rioters”, locked up residents in barricaded lanes and undertook an “encroachment removal” drive at Jahangirpuri, demolishing homes, shops and businesses, belonging to Muslims.

The ruling Hindutva fascist government is letting loose its ranks and files on the streets to engage in anti-Muslim activities. The police force that is supposed to maintain law and order and prevent vandalism and criminal activities do not just stand as mute spectators to the atrocities of the Hindutva street goons, but they too actively involve in the illegal activities of the goons.

Although the Supreme Court ordered in an urgent hearing that the demolitions be halted and status quo maintained, the demolition continued for over an hour in the presence of the NDMC Mayor and Delhi police. The temerity of the NDMC Mayor and Delhi police to brazenly violate the apex court order shows how safe they feel in engaging in illegal activities, and how confident they are that they would be safeguarded by the rulers if the victims of their aggression are Muslims.

The demolition carried out by NDMC not only defied the apex court but also violated the established law and principles, and the fundamental rights of those affected. No applicable state laws, e.g. the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act, 1957 or Delhi Development Act, 1957 permit the government to demolish buildings and structures without giving advance notice to the affected parties. The demolition in Jahangirpuri hasn’t followed this norm, they were just obeying the order of a political party leader.

The aggression in Jahangirpuri is not a spontaneous outbreak, but the implementation of a well-planned conspiracy to alienate and send Muslims on the streets as refugees stripping them off their dwellings and properties. The recent weeks following the Ramnavami celebrations have been witnessing not only violence of the fanatic bigot Hindutva mobs but illegal bulldozing of the Muslim properties by the authorities in different parts of the country.

The government should pay financial compensation to the victims of this atrocity and arrange immediate rehabilitation of the affected. All the culprits who initiated and flared up communal hostility and violence under the cover of Ramnavami and the officers who defied the Supreme Court and followed the orders of a political party leader should be brought to book as well, demanded Elyas Thumbe