New Delhi, 19th March 2022:- The National Secretariat meeting of the Social Democratic Party of India was held at the Central office, New Delhi on 16th March 2022. The meeting discussed the current political scenario and passed the following resolution:

Minorities must devise plans that recognise their political destiny

The electoral results of five states except Punjab are the reflection of spreading communal hatred, sectarian disharmony and caste affinity. BJP’s victory is not because of their popularity or administration but they effectively managed to polarise the society with false sentiments.

The so-called opposition parties failed to plan and implement an effective election strategy. They had either been subdued to the majoritarian pressure or got no grit or mechanism to take on the fascist forces, heads on. BJP had a clear strategy, well-oiled structure from top to bottom where all other main political parties have no vision, ideology, committed workers and political structure to depend on. The rivals to BJP are no match even to take the widespread anti-incumbency sentiments as they have failed to democratise the mindset of their workers and leaders.The Samajwadi Party, too, went into the election with no clear agenda, focussing solely on negative votes.Thus, the Samajwadi Party was defeated, despite the fact that the Muslim minorities voted themen masse.

The lament of the parties, which complain that the Muslim community did not vote for them, is ridiculous as the so-called secular parties have not been able to stand up to the persecution of minorities or the atrocities perpetrated by the pro-government mobs under the BJP rule.

Also, it’s absurd that the parties that won in the previous elections by capturing the Muslim vote never claimed victory because Muslims voted for them; butcomplains when they are defeated that they lost because Muslims did not vote.

Minority communities, particularly Muslims, must have their voices heard in decision-making bodies. The moment has come to learn about practical measures of political empowerment in a system when secular parties or Muslim candidates running for secular parties are hesitant to raise Muslim issues for fear of alienating the Hindutva vote bank.The threat posed by the RSS to the Indian Constitution must be countered through a cadre system capable of competing with BJP, as well as with precise plans against fascism.Minority groups, particularly Muslims must make concertedefforts to correct their historical mistakes.

The National President MK Faizy presided over the meeting. Vice-Presidents Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmed, Mohammed Shafi, General Secretaries, ElyasThumbe, Abdul Majeed Faizy, Yasmeen Farouqui, Sitaram Koiwal, Mohamed Ashraf and others attended the meeting.