New Delhi 18 Nov 2019: Vice President of SDPI Adv. Sharfuddin Ahmad said that, SDPI takes a strong objects to the ways and means applied to the JNU regarding the present issues of fees hike regarding hostels. The student leadership has been agitating against the unproportionate and unilateral the enhancement of hostel fees without proper consultation with representatives of the students. Even JNUTA has been siding with the students because if the enhancement of fees is permitted, the most of the students coming from moderate and poor background shall be pushed out ruining their academic career in all respects. Students have been protesting against the increase in hostel fee and other provisions in the draft hostel manual.

According to a student’s leader more than 100 students are arrested by CRPF and police in plainclothes after brutally assaulting JNU students. One student was bleeding from ear, another disabled student injured. Women students allege that CRPF and Delhi police tore clothes, beat them up, and molested them.

Mr. Sharfuddin Ahmad stated that, the JNU students had on Friday announced it would lead a march to Parliament on Monday, when the winter session begins. It has been well known in public domain that a large number of CRPF and Delhi police personnel were seen outside Jawaharlal Nehru University on Monday morning, with students tweeting out photos of barricades put up outside gates of the varsity. Some students broke through the barricade at the main gate, as reported, while the march took an alternate route to avoid security personnel. Ten companies had been deployed outside JNU, One company comprises 70 to 80 personnel. The JNU Teacher’ Association has held the Vice-Chancellor and the university administration responsible for the disturbed atmosphere on the campus today. The protests have been ongoing for three weeks. In a letter to vice chancellor Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, the JNU Teachers’ Association on Monday slammed the VC and the Varsity administration.

It is noted that the student Union had distanced itself from any act of vandalism. JNUSU president Aishe Ghosh said on Friday, The JNU student’s community does not endorse any act of vandalism done in its name and whoever does it is doing it in his or her own name and should not use the name of the movement to justify such acts.

Mr. Ahmad said that SDPI feels that student community due to their active participation into the agitation carried against the fascist forces, enjoying power, have been targeted multiple times even citing excuses on fake, fabricated and concocted grounds and the police force is freely used to silent the voices raised for upholding constitutional values. The academic campus, JNU in lead and students expressing dissent have been treated like alien by the government establishment since the formation of NDA government which is to be stopped to sustain democracy and Rule of Law in India.

SDPI demands that the order regarding fees enhancement immediately be stayed till the report of IHA is finally submitted and properly considered and all the students detained be released forthwith unconditionally. SDPI also demands that proper protection and medical treatment be provided to injure as well as to other students and urgent measures be taken to restore the complete peace in the campus of JNU.SDPI demands that deterrent actions be taken against those security men who have used brutal and unproportionate force against agitating students exercising their rights given by the law of the land.