NEW DELHI: 10 Sept 2013

A huge count of cadres and members of Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) staged a protest dharna at Jantar Mantar in Delhi on 10 Sept. Expressing anger over the communal riots in UP the political activists raised slogans as ‘SP Sarkar Dhoka hai, Dhoka hy’, ‘Muzaffar Nagar ke mujrimon ko sazaa dO’, ‘BJP ki Bhagwa Dehshat Bandh Karo’, ‘Communal Violence Bill Lagoo Karo’. Their march was heading towards the residence of Samajwadi Party Chief Mulayam Singh Yadav but was barricaded by the police. The Party leaders then addressed the media persons. The protest march was lead by Advocate Mohammed Aslam, President, Delhi Pradesh SDPI.

Excerpts of the addressed delivered by the Party leaders during protest are furnished herein:

The ongoing riots in Muzaffar Nagar, UP and the surrounding towns once more demonstrate BJP’s heinous attempt to divide the people by caste and religion to strengthen their vote-bank. Reports coming from UP are horrible. Muslim minorities are being hunted by armed mobs and they are left to face the vulnerable situation by themselves, without any protection by the way of rule of law. It is suspected that BJP is mobilizing their unofficial army of guerillas to kill Muslims to spearhead the execution of hatred plans and all the recent riots in Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and adjacent states came out of BJP’s agenda of communal politics. BJP once again chose Ayodhya as one of their agenda for 2014 Loksabha election campaign under the leadership of Narendra Modi. Amit Shah, a tainted former minister of BJP in Gujarat, a close aid of Modi, who is infamous for his alleged involvement in bloodshed and riots, has been made the in charge of the party in Uttar Pradesh. Modi, the host of infamous 2002 Gujrat riots & fake encounter killings, was controversially enthroned as the 2014’s Chief of Election Campaign Committee is doing his best to terrorize the nation by his expertise in killing innocents to form vote-bank. Practicing Hindutwa ideology is what the political game the BJP is playing to attain power at Centre.

Police’s finding of the fake video which fueled the communal violence spread by the BJP MLA, reveals the true evidence of the conspiracy hatched by them, showing how the criminal elements terrify the society by creating issues. It is to be noted that the police which takes cognizance of even objectionable comments on Facebook Post by a User and arrests not only the one who post but even those who hit Like, didn’t even talk about taking an immediate & proper action against those who posted the fake video on Facebook which was shared by hundreds. As per the media reports, this provoked the communal elements & made available a reason to the Sangh Parivar to dispatch its combat-ready Hindutwa guerillas into field to kill innocent Muslims, encashing the riots situation in the best possible way, who not only conducted rampant killing operations of innocent Muslim but also didn’t spare the deployed military.

The Akhilesh Government failed to prevent the riots, and afraid to take strong action against the BJP leaders which is making the situation even worse. After the SP Government came in power, almost 451 communal clashes have been witnessed in Uttar Pradesh. Its nothing but the inefficiency of the Mulayam lead government in not only controlling but also in curbing the riots. And instead of taking true and strong actions, the SP government is playing political gimmicks to keep their vote bank intact and cheating minorities.

SDPI asks the Central Government make sure that the UP Government acts effectively and take appropriate action and come up with strong measures to curb the violent riots in future. The Centre should seriously consider enactment of the ‘Prevention of Communal Violence Bill’ in the wake of increasing communal riots in the country.

SDPI strongly demands that the Akhilesh government show the will power & act immediately against the culprits irrespective of them being political bigwigs to stop the spreading of the riots.

The Party demands that:
1. Arrest the BJP leaders who have been named in the FIR immediately
2. Make preventive arrests of BJP/RSS leaders who lead the riots
3. Act strongly to contain the situation and to give security to people’s life and property
4. Order an independent inquiry into the riots
5. Instigate inquiry into the role of BJP into the recent riots
6. The UP Govt. immediately release adequate compensation to the family of the victims

SDPI requests all secular parties, organizations, rights activists, intellectuals to understand the communal game being played by the power mongering BJP and the subsequent silence of Congress over BJP’s communal violence against minorities, Muslims in particular and common people at large.

Those who addressed the media & among participants were Noushad P, Shaheen Kousar, Haji Noor, Javed A & Rafiq Mulla.