09 May 2013:

The Social Democratic Party of India, (SDPI), National President A. Sayeed in a statement has pointed out that if the Congress with its victory in Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections has a contention that the people of the state have rejected BJP in favour of secularism, then it has to give away its witch hunt against Muslims.

Sayeed said that the Congress should not get carried away by the Karnataka poll results. If they have an opinion that the mandate is against corruption that prevailed within the BJP government of Karnataka, Congress has to tether their own ministers and officials who are sunk deep in corruption. Allegations have encircled the Congress Party in issues like coal field allocation, intervention in CBI report and bribery in Railway Board appointment etc. which cannot be belittled by this mandate. Any such attempt is a betrayal and misuse of people’s mandate, he added.

He contended that the election result in Karnataka, which was easily predictable in the special political situation that prevailed in the state, is not an effort of the Congress Party. It has nothing to do with the ethics and principles which are already not in use in the Congress.

Meanwhile, Sayeed has congratulated his party candidates who performed well in the Karnataka Legislative Assembly elections.

He said that despite the fact that four prominent and big budgeted political parties, which faced the election with much zing and pizzazz, were in the field, SDPI has produced good result. The party occupied second place in Narasimha Raja constituency in Mysore, attained third place in five constituencies and fourth place in nine constituencies. He thanked the voters for this remarkable step towards a change.