NEW DELHI: 02 Aug 2013

A. Sayeed, National President, Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) expressed his grave concern over the current untoward happenings with regard to the Human Rights of the nation’s citizenry in general and Muslims in particular. In times exceedingly many unfortunate reports have been hitting headlines. The NHRC Report on alleged fake encounter killings, the statement by S.R. Darapuri, Retd. IG, Uttar Pradesh, about the mystery of Muslim Youths’ disappearance and their framing in bomb blast cases, and very recently the startling revelation by former under-secretary of MHA R V S Mani about the Parliament attack & 26/11 Mumbai attacks being sponsored by Government. These upshots have shaken the largest democracy in the world and it’s very strange that till date there hasn’t been any official clarification from the governments.

The last four years have witnessed heinous crimes of extra judicial killings allegedly committed by police, defense and paramilitary forces amounting to a count of 555, as per the National Human Rights Commission, in which about 138 killers are reported from Uttar Pradesh alone.

Through investigative agencies innocent Muslim youths are being kept at a secret place and are subjected to inhuman torture. Recently the retired IG of UP, while talking about the custodial death of Khalid Mujahid said that the investigative agencies unlawfully abduct, keep several Muslim youth into its secret custody and implicate them in bomb blast some time in future as well as the arrests made on the basis of mere suspicion as per convenience. The same indication was made by Ex-Inspector General of Police, Maharashtra Mr. S.M Mushrif. The has made an intensive and wider search regarding illegal and long detentions, fake encounters, and false cases implicating a large number of Muslim youth in various parts of the country in connivance of Central and State security agencies. And the Justice Nimesh Commission report too has revealed the truth of the accused being innocent with concrete evidence. Such attempts of discrimination towards a particular community are not only catastrophic for the citizenry in general and Muslim community in particular.

Its extremely horrible to hear about the shocking disclosures made by the former under-secretary in the Union Home Ministry R V S Mani that the Parliament attack in 2001 and 26/11 carnage in Mumbai in 2008 were state-sponsored committed by the incumbent governments. Mani has said that Verma “…narrated that the 13.12.2001 (attack on Parliament) was followed by POTA and 26/11.2008 (terrorists’ siege of Mumbai) was followed by amendment to the UAPA.” It is even more miserable to see no any sort of clarification from the government, in wake of these statements. Shouldn’t the government decide about constituting a high level commission of inquiry to investigate all terror cases in which Muslims are being framed and maligned?

The Party president expressed deep shock and dismay over the Batla House encounter case verdict by a Delhi court. The SDPI reiterated its stand that the Batla House encounter was fake and demands for a high level judicial enquiry into the incident. He said that the cognizances of the questions raised about the genuineness of the encounter were not taken and the police version alone has been relied by the court. He pointed out that the “input” for Batla House came from the same infamous IB special director who provided the fake inputs that were used for 17 fake encounters in Gujarat which are being probed now. Ishrat Jahan’s fake encounter in which a number of youths killed in cold blood staged by Gujrat Police & several IB officials & subsequently charge sheeted by CBI has brought a big dishonor to our nation’s secular system.

The Party leaders said that several newspapers, blogs and articles had attributed the Parliament attack to be the inside job of RSS/BJP rule of NDA in order to impose black laws and play the politics of hatred. It was told that the so-called terrorists entered the 3 ring security of Parliament in an official ambassador car belonged to one BJP MP then!!!
And it is even disgraceful about government not showing its sincerity towards its people in terms of answering the questions raised in connection with the incident.

The Party leaders lamented that these unlawful happenings have really weakened our country’s secular system and its importance. It’s even hypothetical to know about the mysterious hands influencing the administration leading towards the regretful affairs. The unseen hands are diminishing the respects of our secularism and empowering the government agencies to more which are orchestrating the fake encounter killings. The peoples’ representatives have stopped raising voice against any injustice. Whom are they representing after all? The leaders questioned.

Hafiz Manzoor Ali Khan-National VP, Majeed Faizy National GS, Afsar Pasha National GS, Adv Sharfuddin National GS, Dr. Mehboob Sharif Avad National Secretary and other Party leaders were present during the press conference.